Month: July 2014

5 Things My Clients Deserve

Continuing my video series, I’d like to tell you about 5 things I think every client and real estate partner deserves: confidence, transparency, getting their offer accepted, exceptional rates, and closing on time (every time). real estate in the South Bay is about “who you know” – let me use my connections and knowledge to make a big difference in

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Why Homeowners Aren’t Selling

Some real estate agents and other real estate professionals are a bit concerned about why so few people are willing to sell their South bay luxury properties right now. There are so many buyers, but not enough homes to accommodate them all. Home price appreciation has slowed down to a comfortable, uphill crawl, so why aren’t homeowners taking advantage of

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Low Rates Aren’t Always A Good Thing

While it may seem like a no-brainer that low interest rates are always a good thing, for the overall health of the real estate market, they aren’t always. Right now, mortgage rates are at near historic lows. That’s great for new home owners and those looking to buy right now – but in the long run, low interest rates could

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Regan Hagestad Mortgage Team Video Thumbnail

5 Things Every Client and Realtor Partner Deserves

Regan Hagestad of Watermark Home Loans discusses five things every client and realtor partner deserves: confidence, transparency, getting the offer accepted, exceptional rates, and closing on time every time. Working with the right loan broker can make all the difference. It’s all about who you know in real estate.

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Rates are lower than they were one year ago!

While we’ve all been hearing, for the past year, how high interest rates are going to go in 2014, and how by the end of 2014 they’ll be in the 5% range. Well, reality seems to be a bit different as interest rates are now lower than they were last year. One year ago in June/July 2013, the Federal reserve had

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Take A Class And See For Yourself

The modern day mortgage code is a bit confusing without a mortgage expert on your side. But, in case you want to know how it all works, the Federal Housing Administration is offering a loan counseling course pen to the public. The program is called Homeowners Armed with Knowledge (HAWK). You can  read about the HAWK program at HUD’s website. The FHA is

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