Month: February 2014

Mortgage tips in a seller’s market

Home values are up, inventory is down, and buyers are eager to purchase homes in Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, and Hermosa Beach. If you’re about to be a buyer in this South Bay seller’s market we’re experiencing, I have a few mortgage tips for you. Before you look for a home, get your financial documents in order. Be prepared to

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Predictions for 2014

I have a few predictions (which are shared by mortgage professionals everywhere) about what 2014 holds for the real estate market and for mortgage loan affordability. First, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which you should know about, took effect on January 10th, 2014, and is meant to prevent housing meltdowns (like that which we saw in 2007).

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Why it’s time to get off the fence

Are you “on the fence about whether now the time to purchase property with a mortgage? Here are a few reasons why you may want to make a decision to go forward. Despite recent rises in mortgage rates in general, rates are still really low in the grand scheme of real estate, money, and our general economy. In fact, a

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It’s 2014 – so why aren’t rates higher?

You may have noticed a trend in the last month or so of interest rates actually declining. Despite economists predicting that they will rise steadily, and keep rising, all through 2014, they haven’t so far. A 30-year-fixed mortgage is somewhere around 4.5 percent right now, and has been since the holidays began. However, let’s not throw a party just yet. The

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