Month: January 2014

Why Relationships Matter

Right now, more than ever, your relationship with your mortgage professional matters. With changing regulations, more stringent borrowing requirements, and fluctuating interest rates, it is important that your mortgage professional be up to date on all aspects of the mortgage business. However, it is even more important that you have a good relationship with your broker, that they are accessible

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It Might Be Easier To Get A Mortgage These Days

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about how credit will be getting tighter and more difficult for almost all borrowers and would-be home owners. Interest rates going up plus a tightening of requirements may have made you feel like you just can’t afford a mortgage right now. You could be completely wrong. In fact, borrowers today could have an

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Why Rising Interest Rates May Prompt You To Buy

When you hear that mortgage interest rates are rising, your first instinct may be that this means that homes sales will go down. That’s not necessarily the case. While it’s true that borrowing costs are increasing and interest rates are moving up from their historically low numbers, many real estate professionals still believe that this will actually boost sales. When

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The Downside of Online Mortgages

Online mortgage banking has become more prevalent over the past five years. In fact, banking research data shows that in 2013, Internet-based mortgage sales increased by 75%. Clearly, this is an important statistic and bankers need to be aware of the ways in which their customers are doing research, getting quotes, and getting data. While Internet-based mortgages are surely convenient,

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Knowledge, Data, and Relationships

Welcome to 2014! It’s important to have all the data, but sometimes data isn’t knowledge. You can go online, look up interest rates, even use a mortgage calculator to come up with some numbers on the fly… but is that really useful knowledge when it comes to making an educated decision about your mortgage? Can you trust what you find

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