Month: April 2020

What Are Closing Costs, and How Much Will You Pay?

Signing for a mortgage is the final step required before you’re given the keys to your new home, and that means it’s time to settle up closing costs—or the fees associated with a mortgage that typically amount to 2 percent to 5 percent of the loan principal. While the various closing cost components vary from state to state, some closing-related

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5 Ways Coronavirus is Changing Home Buying this Spring

In light of the uncertainty of times during the coronavirus pandemic, home sellers have canceled open houses, lenders are extending the time it takes to close a deal and many real estate agents are giving video tours in lieu of live walkthroughs. In other words, there’s virtually no aspect of American life that has been untouched by the coronavirus, and

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Perfect Storm Between Coronavirus and Already Overactive Mortgage Industry

Written and published on 3/26/20 by: Barry Habib and Dan Habib, “Mortgage Crisis and Fed Unintended Consequences” The Coronavirus Meltdown The current Coronavirus crisis is having a critical impact on the Mortgage Industry, which could potentially make the 2008 financial crisis pale in comparison. The pressing issue centers around capital that’s required by Mortgage Lenders to be able to function

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