Character, Teamwork, Grit Required… Not resumes or prior successes

There isn’t one best mortgage company, but there is a best mortgage company for each individual person. When you work with a company that supports your beliefs, encourages your dreams, and promotes your individual path to success you’ve found your best place. Are we that fit for you?

The BEST PLACE for originators:

Seasoned Veterans

Too many times seasoned veterans aren’t given what they’ve earned. They are charged for things they don’t need, report to a manager who doesn’t contribute to their business, paired with rookie operations teams because they are low maintenance, or are stuck in a platform designed for new loan officers. We get it!!! We don’t have layers of management and we ask our veterans what they need to succeed. Whether that is a more seasoned support staff to free up time, lower margins to dominate their market, or just get out of their way and let them work. We have a solution to give our veterans what they’ve earned.

Rising Stars

Everyone starts somewhere the only question is do you have what you need to become a top producer or are you being held back? If I had to give my 23-year-old self one piece of advice it would have been “find a top producing team, join them, learn and fast forward your success.” I did it the hard way with trial and error and spent 4 years being good but didn’t know how to become great. We provide personalized coaching, access to the playbook that took me from $15M to $30M to $79M, and then $110M in 4 years. There are no get-rich-quick schemes in the mortgage industry, but there are well-thought-out plans to build sustained success. If you’re new to the business, have been stuck in a rut, and don’t know how to get out but have a deep desire to build a successful career. We have a proven path to get you there.

The BEST PLACE for operations:

We believe operations drive sales, not the other way around

No Titles Needed:

For years we’ve heard titles like, Processor, LP1, LOA, Underwriter, Assistant, and none of them really mean anything. A great operations person understands mortgages, they understand the process, they understand the documents, and they understand guidelines, so we don’t put someone in a box and limit them with a title. We have former processors, former heads of underwriting, and former originators that make up our operations team. Everyone has a special skill set, and everyone has a part of the industry that they like. We believe in taking seasoned veteran mortgage professionals, finding what they enjoy about mortgages, and letting them do that every day. When someone is happy and doing what they are good at they will do a better job than someone who might be more qualified doing something they hate.

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