Month: August 2013

Why It’s Important To Choose The Right Lender

Usually, people think that because they have lots of assets, a high credit score, and a good income means that they will automatically be approved for a loan. Those people are not always correct, however. In some cases, even wealthy people are having a problem getting loans these days for all kind of reasons. Usually getting a mortgage on a

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Some New Testimonials

“Thank you Regan for the most expedient, accurate, and pleasant mortgage refinance I have ever experienced.” I’m honored to have such amazing testimonials from so many great clients. Why not click on my testimonials page and read more? It’s newly updated with my most recent client experiences and I’m very proud of being able to serve such great people so

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Is the Economy Really Getting Better?

We seem to be hearing more and more about how our economy is getting stronger; that we’re recovering from the recession. But is it true, or is it only that the numbers are starting to look better? For instance, in June 2013, The Wall Street Journal reported that according to the US government’s Household Survey, overall, jobs increased by 753,000.

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How Important Is It to Work with a Professional on My Loan?

Surprisingly enough, the person that handles your loan transaction is more important than the actual lender that you work with. Even within the same company, clients can have a much different experiences based on the actual people who handle the transactions. In this volatile mortgage loan market, your point of contact will be the one locking the rate, advising on

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