Month: July 2015

To Buyers, Mortgage Rates May Be Overrated

An online post in the July 8, 2015 issue of “Liberty Street Economics,” a publication of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, sheds light on how lenders’ down payment requirements and mortgage rates affect the demand for homes. The post summarizes key points of a staff report by senior economists Andreas Fuster and Basit Zafar that analyzed results of the 2014 SCE Housing

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A Recovery Tipping Point

It was a long road back, but it now appears the housing market has reached a point where fundamentals and home buyers are driving the market. RealtyTrac’s latest May U.S. Home & Foreclosure Sales Report brings good news. This report shows 24.6 percent of May’s single-family home and condo sales were all cash-based, and bank-owned sales were down 9 percent

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Good Word to Sellers: Home Buyers Have Returned

For many years, home sellers have had to face the grim reality that many homes have been sitting on the market for months or even years without so much as a single bid or are being sold at a fraction of their value. This has left many people stuck living in homes that their family has outgrown or that they

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