Month: February 2015

Don’t Make the Same Mortgage Mistake as Half of Americans

When most people are in the process of making a major purchase, it’s likely that they will shop around in order to educate themselves about available options and to look for the best price available. However, this trend does not seem to carry over to looking around for the best mortgage, even though it goes hand in hand with one of

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Mortgage Rates: How High Is America Willing to Go?

A recent survey commissioned by Bankrate demonstrates that a solid number of people have moved past the problems seen in the housing market in 2007. However, survey results also indicate that many individuals are not aware of how much interest rates affect their housing costs. Over a quarter of respondents said that mortgage rates would need to hit 10 percent

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Are You in the One-Third of Mortgage Holders Who Doesn’t Know Their Rate?

For most homeowners, a mortgage is their biggest monthly expense. Yet according to a recent survey by, 35 percent of 1,000 adults sampled could not readily identify their mortgage interest rate. The good part is that most borrowers do know their general range, with approximately a half- to quarter-percentage point variance. Those who took their loans out within the

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Buying a House? Make Sure Your Finances Are in Order

Buying a house is a major event and one of life’s most important purchases. In order to be successful in the home buying process, serious buyers must demonstrate stable financial standing. Here are steps to help you accomplish that. Track Expenses You must comprehend exactly how much money you spend and save each month. It is vital to have adequate savings

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