Month: October 2013

Should You Buy a Home Now or Pay More Later?

I recently read a new article on that looked at the question of whether a potential home buyer should buy now, or wait and risk potentially spending more money down the line. The article brings up some good points: inflation, rising prices, and rising interest rates all are very good reasons you might want to consider now instead of

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Will The Debt Ceiling Affect Mortgage Rates?

The national debt ceiling is due to expire this month on October 17th, and the importance of this has been downplayed because of the current government shutdown, but it is a very real issue we must also consider. The federal debt ceiling, if not raised, can have prolonged effects on the economy and consumer confidence. The stock market could fluctuate

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How Will The Government Shutdown Affect Real Estate?

The ongoing shutdown of many government agencies will definitely affect real estate, but the short-term effects will not be so easily noticed. If the shutdown lasts longer than a few weeks, we may see more significant problems such as the affordability and access to mortgages, which could in turn reduce the demand for housing and home building. Also, the debt

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New FHFA Loan Caps

When the Federal Housing Finance Agency lowers the cap on federally backed mortgages, what will the impact be on our local real estate market in 2014? In January of 2014, the cFederal Housing Finance Agency will reduce the conforming loan limit (which is currently have $625,500) by one hundred thousand dollars or more. The FHFA has not announced exactly how

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