Month: August 2014

The unique mortgage needs of millennials

Millenials have unique mortgage needs. In case you aren’t one, or don’t know what they are, a “millennial” is the generation born between 1980 and 2000; a generation that has come of age with digital technology and that, unfortunately, inherited a recession in 2008. Most millennials face dimmer job prospects than the generations before them and most have the unique

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How will the new FICO 9 affect your credit rating?

There are about to be some rather large changes in how credit scores are reported through FICO that could affect your credit rate. In fact, these changes could make your credit score better. Fair Isaac is the name of the company that created the FICO credit scoring system. They have just released a new software to calculate FICO scores called

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Multi-Million Dollar Homes in Rolling Hills and Manhattan Beach Sell Fast

Homes in the South Bay worth $1 million or more, in particular the Beach Cities, are selling like “hot cakes” says the LA Weekly. Homes in the millions are now selling faster than any other time in the past seven years. In fact, the top six neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area with the highest number of homes valued at

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Is a Refinance in the Cards for You?

With mortgage rates so consistently low, it isn’t surprising that so many property owners are turning to refinancing. South bay home owners may find that they enjoy their neighborhood, like their property, and don’t want to sell, but see that current mortgage rates are much lower than the one they originally obtained. Refinancing your South Bay home just makes sense

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