Month: October 2017

Can Refinancing a Mortgage Hurt My Credit?

Refinancing your mortgage presents a great opportunity to save money by lowering your interest rate and monthly payments. If interest rates have fallen since you originally obtained your mortgage, or if you’ve diligently worked on repairing your credit and improving your credit score, you might benefit from exploring your options for refinancing. Before you do, it’s important to consider whether refinancing

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What’s the Ideal Credit Score for Landing a Mortgage?

Considering making the leap to homeownership? There’s more to think about than the curb appeal of those homes you’re eying—the health of your credit score tops the list. To many, a credit score seems like a random trio of numbers determined by a complicated algorithm, but it represents much more to a lender who’s considering whether to approve your mortgage loan.

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Mortgage Rates Jump

Freddie Mac’s most recent Primary Mortgage Market Survey shows the average 30-year fixed mortgage rate posting its biggest week-over-week increase since July 2017. “The 30-year mortgage rate increased for a second consecutive week, jumping 6 basis points to 3.91 percent,” says Sean Becketti, Freddie Mac’s chief economist. “The 10-year Treasury yield also rose, climbing 4 basis points this week.” Here, a look

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Ten Ways to Get the Lowest Mortgage Refinance Rates

Thinking about refinancing your mortgage? If so, you probably are hoping to find the lowest interest rates. Before you begin shopping around, however, experts suggest establishing your intentions and preparing your finances to improve your chances of qualifying. Here, 10 steps from that can help lock in the lowest refinance rate possible. 1. Raise your credit score Most lenders

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Financial Tips for Purchasing a Home

Planning on buying a home? Here, RealtyTimes offers a few financial tips that can help you not only qualify for a loan, but get the best possible rate as well. Don’t pay off all of your current credit cards Your lender will tell you specifically what you should pay down and what you should leave alone, but banks tend to like responsible

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