Month: May 2014

What does new tax reform mean for the mortgage-interest deduction?

Tax reform is always a topic of conversation on a national and state level. Exactly how potential new tax reforms could affect real estate is something hat every seller and buyer needs to understand so they can best be prepared financially for whatever lies ahead. As we move into 2015, tax reform will impact how we do business and how

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Loosening Credit Standards: Bad, or Good?

Recently, the Federal Housing Finance Agency and the Federal Housing Administration have made a few policy changes to help revitalize the real estate market; namely, they are calling for lenders to relax credit standards a bit so that new buyers can purchase homes, which will in turn give the economy a big boost. But some people are worried that loosening credit

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3 Important Things About Interest Rates In 2014

As far as the real estate and mortgage industries are concerned, rates are supposed to rise throughout 2014. However, it’s now almost halfway through 2014 and rates have really not risen very much, and are definitely not up to 5.1% as the Mortgage Banker’s Association predicted at the end of 2013. For homebuyers, this is, of course, excellent news. To

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Is it the perfect time for a cash-out refinance?

Home equity in the South Bay is rebounding as property values climb. For the first time since 2008, home values are up while interest rates are down (they’re in the 4.30% area this week). As the equity in your home goes up, it might finally be time for that cash-out refinance you’ve needed for home improvement. Almost 1/4th of all

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