Month: January 2015

Buy, Don’t Rent, Your Next Home

After the recent housing crisis, you may be feeling wary about homeownership. However, with rents on the rise and the housing market on the rebound, now may be the perfect time to consider buying a home. A home purchase gives you the opportunity to: Transform your space Earn equity Pay a fixed amount Decrease your tax bill Transform your Space

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Tips for Homeowners During Tax Season

If you’ve owned a home for a few years, then you’ve probably taken advantage of the interest deduction that lowers your tax bill. However, several other home-related expenses can also reduce the amount you owe in taxes. For instance, you may be able to deduct home office operating costs, major renovation expenses and the interest charged for home equity loans.

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Why 2015 Could Be a Great Year for Homebuying

Not very long ago, realtors and homeowners were facing numerous challenges. As the economy is experiencing a boost, things seem to be back on a better path, and 2015 promises to be the year when the housing market regains some of its strength. There are four signs this year could be a great one for homebuying. Job Market Recovery Since more companies are

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Buying a House: How to Balance What You Want With What’s Realistic

In the house hunting phase, home buyers may be guided by a vision of their aspirational dream home that, in reality, would be worlds apart from the affordable property. However, you can draw on your vision to inspire your home search so that you end up with a house that meets many of your parameters. 1. Create a list of

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How to Compete With All-Cash Homebuyers

It may seem like cash buyers have an advantage in the real estate market. However, you can compete with cash buyers effectively by using some simple strategies to your advantage. While sellers may at first be attracted to accepting an offer of cold, hard cash for their home, they may still be swayed to your favor if you can guarantee

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