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How to Win in a Low Inventory Real Estate Market

Regan Hagestad of Watermark Home Loans and Alex Abad of Palm Realty Boutique discuss how to win in this low inventory real estate market. Regan and Alex look at what real estate agents and Mortgage Brokers/Loan Officers do to make sure their client’s offers gets accepted, as well as some factors that could hurt your chances at securing your dream

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5 Things Every Client and Realtor Partner Deserves

Regan Hagestad of Watermark Home Loans discusses five things every client and realtor partner deserves: confidence, transparency, getting the offer accepted, exceptional rates, and closing on time every time. Working with the right loan broker can make all the difference. It’s all about who you know in real estate.

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Buying Now vs. Buying Later

When Regan Hagestad and Alex Abad look at how home loan math translates to a monthly mortgage payment for one of Regan’s (hypothetical) clients, the future becomes clear: it’s going to get more expensive if interest rates rise as predicted in 2014 and beyond…So buy now if you can. Watch to learn why!

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The South Bay’s Home for Home Loans

While other lenders focus on feel-good services, I focus on the financing. In an industry that hasn’t had a great reputation over the past few years, I take pride in knowing that I’ve gained the trust and respect of my clients. Transparency and solutions are the foundation of my success, and I promise both to each and every client. In

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Watermark Home Loans: Service & Experience

Regan Hagestad would like to challenge those who claim that 30 years of experience in the Mortgage Lending Industry is inherently better than 10 years of practice. He claims that anyone who is truly great in the mortgage industry will be retired in 20 years, and there are few who can stay in the Mortgage Industry for that long without

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Watermark Home Loans: Knowledge & Relationships

In this video, Regan Hagestad challenges the idea that data is knowledge and expands on the importance of building strong relationships in the lending industry. The goal is to give the client such a great experience that they return with referrals to his realtor partners.

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