Month: April 2015

Return Buyers are Expected to Boost Housing Demand in Coming Years

It appears the housing market is making a comeback. The National Association of Realtors performed research that shows formerly distressed homeowners are ready to re-enter the housing market. However, damaged credit may restrict the amount of people who are eligible to purchase real estate. Between 2006 and 2014, approximately 9.3 million homeowners were forced into foreclosure. On a positive note,

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House Payments More Affordable Than Fair Market Rents in 76 Percent of U.S. Housing Markets According to County-Level Analysis

RealtyTrac, the country’s top source of comprehensive housing information, recently released an analysis of purchased properties during the first quarter of 2015. This report found monthly home payments on an average-priced home is often more economical than the monthly fair market rent on a typical three-bedroom property. Across 461 counties studied throughout the United States, fair market rent represented 28

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Southern California Housing Market Gearing Up for a Stronger Spring

Two of the biggest obstacles to growth in the Southern California housing market are the lack of supply and, as a result of this lack, a dearth of affordable homes. However, thanks to a recent uptick in the number of homes for sale, it looks like the housing market is in for a strong spring. Based on information from the

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Mortgage Rates Display Delightful Drop

Janet Yellen, the Chair of the Federal Reserve System, took a cautious stance regarding the Fed’s likelihood of raising interest rates in the near future. It appears that fears that the Fed would increase rates were unplaced, and rates that rose in anticipation of this action have fallen. Interest rates on loans tend to be based on the federal funds

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