Month: November 2018


Handy Mortgage Tips From Experts

When it comes to mortgages, there’s plenty of advice out there. While some of it is good and some bad, delivers some great mortgage tips from experts that likely will stick with you long afterward.   Keep your monthly mortgage payment under one paycheck Don’t focus so much on the total cost of the mortgage. Instead, make sure that

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Leave Your Home On the Market During the Holidays

6 Reasons You Should Leave Your Home On the Market During the Holidays

With Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching, you might be tempted to either take your home off the market or hold off on listing it until after the new year. After all, you’re busy cooking, shopping and decorating, and the last thing you need is a bunch of potential buyers traipsing through your house, right? Wrong. Removing your home from the

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Build a Credit History from Scratch

How Long Does It Take to Build a Credit History from Scratch?

If you plan on buying a house in the future, it’s essential to establish a track record of past payments. This proves to mortgage lenders that you’ve repaid people (which means they’ll be more likely to loan you money for a home). But if you have no credit history—maybe because you’re young—how long does it take to build it from

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Tips to Help You Buy a Home

7 Tips to Help You Buy a Home Before the Holidays

If you’re hoping to buy a home before the holidays so you can host Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners in your new digs, you better get started on a house purchase immediately. While the home-buying process can be a lengthy one, there are certain strategies that can speed up the undertaking. Here, offers expert advice that should see you putting

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