Month: January 2021

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Myths About Transitioning from Renter to Homeowner

Are you ready to make the leap from renter to homeowner? First, you want to be sure you’re prepared to take stock of your financial situation and determine if you’re ready for the responsibility.  For many, the top concern is affordability—including having enough cash saved up to fund a down payment and a credit score good enough to qualify for

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The Lowdown on Title Insurance

When purchasing a home with a mortgage, your lender likely will require you to buy title insurance to guard against the possibility that someone else might have a claim on your property.  In essence, it ensures that a homeowner and their lender will be alright in case the seller or previous owners didn’t have the absolute ownership of the house.

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pre approval

Things That Could Block Your Mortgage After Pre-Approval

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage is a key part of the process when it comes to shopping for a home. Many sellers even will require you to include a pre-approval letter with any offer to ensure that you’re a serious, well-qualified buyer. Getting approved also helps you determine how much you’ll be able to spend.  Just because you get a

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