The Number One Reason People Move

While I mostly like to discuss mortgages and rates on this blog, I also like to stay tuned to the real estate market in general. Keeping track of the local  fluctuations in inventory, neighborhoods, home values, and building trends makes me better able to understand my customers and what they need.

I was reading an article the other day titled No. 1 reason people move that reinforced something very important: the reason why most people move. Sure, there are dozens of reasons that pop into your head: people move for work, for better schools, for the weather, for retirement, and to buy their first home. But the main reason people move? To get a better house.

Using data taken from the U.S. Census Bureau, the primary reason that 36 million people moved between 2012 to 2013 was that they wanted to upgrade their house. It seems rather simple when put that way, doesn’t it? People are motivated to move by many different reasons, of course, but living in a better home is definitely a great reason. Your day-to-day quality of life is greatly affected by the home in which you live. Little things like the kitchen appliances, the heating/cooling system, the bathroom fixtures, and the view can make an overwhelming difference in your happiness levels. In the South Bay, so many people find the home of their dreams in the neighborhood of their dreams. They find themselves within walking distance to the beach and with panoramic ocean views from their living rooms. Let me help you get the mortgage you need to get into the South Bay home of your dreams so we can upgrade your lifestyle.

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